Nowadays people send Cute Birthday Invitation Video for Baby Boy on Whatsapp which is a convenient way & a very unique way to invite.

Planning a Birthday Party for your Baby Boy is the most exciting thing but also a stressful thing to do. You would like to have everything unique and simple for your little one, from decoration, cake to invitation. Yes, you read it right INVITATION. As it is a special day for your Baby Boy or Baby Girl so why not invite your guest in an extraordinary manner, invite them with an Birthday Invitation Video on WhatsApp.

Best part is you can add cute photos of your kid and create a beautiful and lovely video invite. Also there are variety of themes available like Frozen Theme, Car Theme, Wheels on the Bus Theme, Baby Shark Theme, Minion Theme & much more… you name theme we have it.

Things to keep in mind while sending a Birthday Invitation Video on Whatsapp:

  1. All the necessary details should be given properly, Like Date, Time, Venue.
  2. Text fonts must be visible so that elder people can also read properly.
  3. All include you dress code if you have any.

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