We have a wide variety of Naming Ceremony Invitation Videos & Ecards, so you can invite your guest in a unique way!

A Naming Ceremony is also known as Palanarohan Ceremony or Namkaran, it is an event at which an infant, a youth, or an adult or relative is given a name. The timing can vary from mere days after birth to several months or many years. Some of these ceremonies have religious or cultural significance.

In Hinduism, the ceremony is traditionally known as Namkaran or Namakarana Sanskar, this ceremony is conducted in an elaborate form on the 12th day after birth. In Kerala, this is conducted on 27th/28th day and is called as Noolukettu.

At Happy Invites, we have specially designed an Animated Namkaran Sanskar invitation which can also be called as Naming Ceremony Invitation for your little one. Whether it is a Video invitation or Single Image Card invitation we have it all. Whichever design you select text, photo, and music will be changed as per your choice. Share it via. WhatsApp or any social media platform in just one click. There is a lot of variety to choose from like Floral, Princes, Princess, Royal, Cute themes and much more.

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