Mundan Ceremony or Chudakarana or Tonsuring Ceremony, where the child gets the first haircut. It’s a ritual for purifying baby’s soul. Traditionally, new parents are advised to organize their baby’s mundane ceremony during this first to third year.

After making all the preparations then comes the important part i.e. to invite your guest & relatives. Create your own personalized Mundan Ceremony Invitation. Its Easy. Follow the steps & you are ready to go.

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So, its very simple to make a Mundan Invitation Video with just simple steps:

Step1: Visit Mundan Invitation Video & Choose from the templates you want to customize

Step 2:-  Fill up the form with appropriate details like Name, Date, Venue & RSVP details.

Step 3:- You can also have images in your video to give that personal touch. Send your images at [email protected]

You will receive your Video Invitation in 1 day & then send it to your guest through whatsapp & other social media platform in just one click.

Significance of Mundan Ceremony:-

  1. Your child gets a better future
  2. The child gets a long life
  3. The child is protected from the evil eye of others
  4. The  ceremony also cleans the body and the soul of the child
  5. It is good as the head of the child can be cool in summers
  6. A child who is teething requires mundan ceremony to feel more comfortable and relaxed.
  7. It is also good for the better hair growth of the child
  8. The mundan ceremony also improves the strength of the nerves in the brain of the child.
  9. The child must let go of the past life and start a new life so the mundan ceremony is vital.

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