If you’re planning to make your own invitation but have no idea which font to use then we have Free Wedding Font Combinations which will go perfectly with any invitation whether it’s Wedding, Birthday, Baby Shower e.t.c.

We want to help you to avoid hassle sorting the outstanding wedding type font out of tons of free fonts. It will reduce the risk of having a clumsy font face and time-consuming. Adding Free Wedding Font Combinations to your wedding invitations, programs, and other wedding-related stuff is a great way to distinguish and add some spark into them.

All the fonts listed below are free for use with download links provided.

Free Wedding Font Combination

Insight into Types of Digital Wedding Invites:-

1. Video Invitation: –

Regardless of whether its a Wedding or Baby shower, Video Invitations are the most effective invitations if you would like to present elaborated information regarding your function like RSVP, best wishes, venue, date & time, custom photos or text.
Wedding Invitation Video is likewise best if you would like to convey your story of you & your partner like how you met, your first date, how you both fall in love, etc.

2. GIF Invitations: –

The best simple yet trending invitation in 2019 is GIF invitation. You get the animated elements, neat motion graphics & even better, matter stays constant, for the guests to read and remember easily. It’s excellent & distinctive for each occasion. You’II be able to customize the invitation cards with bride’s name, groom’s name, wedding date & time.
We personally love GIF Invitations, they’re wonderful as they bring a lot of additional attention to your invite. We’ve got plenty of my customers who are requesting more of these & why not? It’s the Best of Both Worlds – Animated Videos & Static Image Cards!

3. Ecard Image Invitation: –

The most common & straightforward to go invite is Ecard Image Invitation. They have become so widespread that physical printable cards are slowly becoming outdated. If you haven’t used an online ecard maker website before, now is the time. Simply Click on the link of Ecard Invitation to customize yours now. There are several software & apps available that might do it free of cost for you, however, if you want to stand out then its advisable to go with something unique & a professional designer or online stores that will provide budget-friendly templates that can be tweaked to suit your needs.