All the Birthday celebration preparation starts with a Birthday Invitation & finding the best Birthday Invitation Video Maker. Everyone in today’s date is connected with various social media networks and apps for instant communication like WhatsApp. The best way to send message on WhatsApp in an interesting style is to send a Birthday Invitation Video.

So now you may be thinking where to find a Birthday Invitation Video Maker around. Worry not! Happy Invites has come to your rescue. Your Birthday Invitation can be an invitation to a normal birthday party or a Surprise party. But the main point is that you need to think out of the box. There are different kinds of invitations you can go for such as Invitations with Photos, Theme based Birthday invites like a Frozen theme, Car theme, Minion theme, Princess theme, Jungle theme and many more. Your birthday party will be a success if you plan accordingly, choose a theme you love, and send birthday invitations that get guests as excited as you are for your or your kid’s approaching birthday. We have plenty of Birthday Invitation Videos which you can customize according to your needs

Are you wondering How to make a Birthday Invitation Video or what’s the process? So follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Visit Birthday Invitation Video Category & Choose from a variety of professionally designed videos.

Step 2: Share the Text & pictures you would like to mention in your video

Step 3: Get your video in just 1-2 days and share your invite with your loved ones via WhatsApp, Facebook or any other social media in just one go.

TIP: You can also have your own music, Font or other background color of your own choice.

These events will be remembered for years to come by your guests, so make sure the Birthday Invitation Video is made with a creative & interesting concept. The design is very important, and should be eye-catching and memorable.

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Still, want something unique, We also have Wedding Invitation GIF which are more popular now a days.