Want the perfect Marathi Wedding Invitation Card or Lagan Patrika for your wedding which is just the right mix of modern & traditional? We have some great ideas. Check out our beautiful collection of traditional Digital Marathi Wedding Invites. We have illustrated all the ethnic elements which depict the culture and it’s beauty.
While the look of the Marathi Wedding Invitation Card has evolved over the years, there are some things which still haven’t changed as they are the essence that make the Marathi Lagna Patrika what it is – a tradition at its best.
If you are a millennial Marathi manus or Mulgi tying the knot soon, then we are sure you would want to add a little bit of zing-aat to your Marathi Invitation Card design & video.
The must haves are & we have totally covered them:
1. A prayer: Every Lagna Patrika starts with a small prayer or by invoking the blessings of the Almighty. It could be addressing a particular deity from The Hindu religion or the family’s Kuldevata (family deity). Mostly it is the Vakratunda Shloka for Shree Ganesha.
2. A Marathi quote: A mushy quote about love & marriages in Marathi.
Eg. “Prem Aahe, Jethe Jeevan Aahe” which translates in English to “Where there is love, there is life”. Beautiful, isn’t it? There are many such quotes that you can add to your Lagna Patrika aka invitation. Just make sure you check for grammar & spelling thoroughly before the invitations go out for print.
3. Religious symbols: Your Patrika is incomplete without a religious symbol on it. It is usually on top of the invitation. However modernised your invitation is, always remember to invoke the blessings of the almighty by adding a religious symbol to the invitation.
4. The everygreen marigold flowers (zenducha ful), Mundavlya for bride & groom, auspicious green mango, banana & eucalyptus leaves for toran,  rangoli, haldi, kunku…incoporating these will add the touch you need.
And that sums up all the major elements you need to keep in mind while deciding design for your invites.

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