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Lohri is a fun-filled Punjabi festival celebrated in India and now worldwide by the community.

Traditionally Lohri is a festival that celebrates the start of the harvest season, for rabi crops. Hence, Punjabi farmers see the day after Lohri as the financial New Year.

The festivities start with logs of wood piled up together for a bonfire, and friends, family gather around it to sing prayers to the natural elements of water, wind, and fire for a good harvest in the upcoming year. Offerings of Popcorns, Peanuts, ‘Gur Rewri’ (Sweet made of Jaggery and Sesame Seeds) and ‘Gajjak’ are shared as everyone dances, does ‘Bhangra’ together to the beat of the dhol, as an expression of gratitude. The Punjabi folklore singing “Sunder mundriye ho!”


As Lohri is considered to be one of the most important festivals among the Punjabi community, they ensure that even the new members of their family never forget their First Lohri. When a baby is born or a newlywed bride becomes part of the family, it is a Grand Celebration.

The newlywed bride wears new vibrantly colored dress, dresses up in her best for the occasion wearing lots of bangles and decorates her palms with Mehndi. She is gifted with new clothes and jewellery for the occasion by her in-laws and other friends and relatives. She is made to savour special delicacies and also narrated the family traditions.

The event holds a special cultural and traditional significance for families with a newborn. The First Lohri of a baby is a very special occasion where all friends and family join to celebrate and pray for the child’s good health and prosperity. The mother sits with the newborn baby in her arms and family, relatives and friends gift her with fruits, sweets, clothes, jewellery, cash.

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