Wedding Invitation Videos are redefining the way you connect with your guests. How? Keep reading below to find out more…

So! you’re now engaged and you’ve told all your family and friends the great news. After things have finally settled down, you, your finance & both the families have set ‘The Date’. It’s time to start shopping for the ideal wedding invitation and picking the design of wedding invitation video is as much a priority as choosing the perfect venue or picking out that dream wedding dress you are swooning over.

Following are the different types of Wedding themes & Ideas that you can go with:-

  • Photo-Based:

This style is perfect for Couples opting for Pre-Wedding Shoots, Photographers, Videographers who wish to present an invitation video in a little creative unique style of a combination of romantic photos with motion graphics and elegant animated backdrops, instead of showing the typical photo with information in a typical still image. This is also great for couples wanting to share their Story of Love through a Timeline Photo Journey.

  • Floral Concepts:

This needs no explanation; Floral designs are so much in trend and why not! They are so lovely, fresh and absolutely elegant. The latest flowers, blooming freshly designs are an absolute delight to the eyes and exude a soothing yet joyful feel to the invitations

  • Traditional Indian Hindu Wedding Theme:

The Bright Colourful Indian Culture with beautiful Hindu motifs, borders and Indian Folk Painting styles depicted in a modern digital graphic design style.

  • Islam Muslim Wedding Theme:

A collection of Royal Elegant designs showing the beautiful mosque architecture, Moghul designs and the Muslim culture of Nikaah & Walima.

  • Christian Wedding Theme:

These invites capture the beauty of the Bride in a beautiful White gown and the Groom in his Tuxedo all suited up for his ‘The Day’! The concepts convey the joy & excitement of the Wedding Day in most fun ways.


All you need to do it just make one copy (video, Ecard, Gifs) & then send it to everyone. You can personalize your invitation with music, pictures or video of you and your loved ones & give your itinerary of the day.

Digital Invitations are more cost-effective, more time efficient, & more environmentally friendly. Go crazy with your Wedding Invitation Video be creative as much as you wish and in the process, You may save a tree or two!

Are you still wondering and need a few more reasons for why go Digital?