Hello all you awesome people! Wondering what’s a Wedding Invitation Card PDF & why you must go for it?

Digital Invitations have been in trending in the Wedding Industry for almost more 5 years now, but still there has been a huge market out there that opts & prefers for the Conventional Printed Wedding Invitation Card. However with the current pandemic situation of 2020, most of the couples & families are going to opt for Digital Wedding Invitation E Card Ideas as they surely want to avoid going out as much as possible, specially the Bride & Groom to be, to ensure their health & safety before their special day.

Also please understand this, as an Invitation is the first thing that gets sent out to your guests to share the amazing news of your Wedding Celebrations, you are always very particular about the design style, quality of the invites, so you would have to step out not only to select the design (which you might still opt for online) but also for checking out the print & paper quality. Then not to forget the entire the process of shipping it with personal addresses of each guest & making sure it gets delivered to them on time! All of this in the middle of your hectic wedding preparations.

So here we share with you the Top 5 reasons why it is great idea to opt for Wedding Invitation Card PDF! (specially with those who were reluctant & wanted them printed but now have no choice but to go Digital & are looking for a substitute for those patrika, kankotri & printed nimantrans – this article is for you)

1. Best style of Digital Wedding E-Patrika

A great substitute for those Printed Booklet styled invites that captures the essence & feel of a Traditional Wedding Nimantran

• Hassle free to send & share the joy across all mediums be it Email, Whatsapp or Social Media (note here it will be in Image format)
• Save the environment by going paperless
• Avoid printing & courier costs or having to visit each relative personally during the preparations
• In the current COVID19 scenario acts as a great way of 0% HUMAN CONTACT with a 100% FEELING OF JOY & excitement!


A feature that helps you to redirect your guests by allowing them to click to any link that you want them to visit

• To have the Google Maps direction or Location feature for Venue
• For guests to able to click on the RSVP link for confirmation
• To share your Wedding Website’s link
• To share your Social Media Hashtag or Page to follow

3. A Consistent Theme Design for your Wedding

We design a separate element as per your relevant function on each page or simply change function title, without it interfering with your Main theme

• Forget those tacky ways of using a separate random design for each function, set a theme & get a suite created with us

4. Get multiple PDF versions created when you have selected guests for selected functions

• We remove certain function pages in PDF versions so you can share it with those guests whom you would be calling to only certain functions.

5. We share HIGH RESOLUTION IMAGES of each individual page of the PDF

• You can always share this over and above the PDF, sometimes as a reminder a day before the event
• Also you can get these printed for selective senior family members in a simple insert & envelope structure

A side tip: Get an Itinerary & Thank you card design in the same theme design, if you wish to get those done

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