ST01 – Radha Krishna Wedding Invitation Card

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Presenting the Beautiful Traditional Royal Dark Blue & Lotus Pink Shree Radha Krishna Wedding Invitation Card Suite PDF design.

We get a lot of requests on the Radhaji Krishnaji inspired ecards. So we present to you our latest Digital Radha Krishna Wedding Invitation Card PDF design.

This one is really special & close to our heart, as we love the stories we heard of Shree Krishna’s Leela in our childhood. Even when we start our work, in the mornings we usually hear the Bhajans & Chants of Jai Shree Krishna as they are really sweet melodies. So in this suite we have tried to evoke those feelings of divine pure love, unconditional devotion towards each other as one ties the knot & gets into the marriage rituals.

1. The suite design will present a consistent Royal Dark Blue with very light subtle Jhaali Net Pattern. The base background color has been used to convey the beauty of ‘Shyam Saavla Rang’ – Evening & Night blue color. The design starts with the opening page of the most worshipped Balaji – Shreenathji – Thakurji.We have added the Holy Cow – GauMata near the lakeside with beautiful blossomed pink lotuses. It conveys how when Murlidhar Shree Krishna played the flute all the cows would gather near the lake hearing his tunes while grazing.

2. The Next Page is the Introduction Page with the Formal Invitation Message to invite the guests. Here we have used lamps lit on small tiny windows elements to show the spark & shine of this special day.

3. Thereafter as per each function’s relevant tradition & the sentiment associated with it, we have used Illustrations of Radha, Krishna & all the Gopis rejoicing in the celebrations.

4. Concluding with a Last slide, Thank you card & Itinerary as well if you wish to go for it.

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