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An Elegant Photo based Beige & Pink Colored Wedding Invitation Card PDF – Digital E Card

e-patrika invites / e-kankorti / e-nimantran. To view entire collection visit: https://happyinvites.co/product-category/wedding-invitation-pdf/

Call / whatsapp on +918879794909 or email on [email protected] for more details.

This is a truly elegant Wedding Invitation Card PDF patrika that displays the best of all worlds! The color combination is very subtle will light pastel pink & beige tones, a glimpse of the green trees & leaves with a beautiful illustration of the Traditional occasions and for those couples that love to share their photos in the invite – a really classy splash placeholder for adding their photos.

And let’s not forget the super cool VIEW DIRECTIONS – Google map features that can be used even for other links that can be clicked. With having everything one wants in this E Kankotri invitation PDF what’s not to LOVE!

Share with you how you feel about this invitation and what else would you like to see in our PDFs! Photos can be changed as per your relevant functions. Design is neutral to suit Christian weddings, Church weddings or any other caste’s wedding.

  1. Introduction – Cover Page
  2.  Formal Invitation Page with Name of Bride & Groom
  3. Function Pages – Mehendi, Cocktail Party, Haldi & Bhaat Ceremony, Sanngeet Night, Wedding Ceremony, Reception or After Party & much more..
  4. Last Page
  5. Itinerary can be added
  6. Thank you card design can be added

One of the best ideas for your invitations is Wedding Invitation PDF Ecard.

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