Among the various ceremonies that occur in Indian Wedding, Sangeet Ceremony is conducted after the Mehendi function & this is where the party begins.

The word “Sangeet” means “to sing” or “songs”. Were ladies of both the sides i.e. bride side & groom side comes together. Traditionally this function is comprised of only women but in today’s modern time’s men to join in for the fun.

Although this pre-wedding ritual was traditional celebrated by North Indians but nowadays the trend of sangeet ceremony is taking place all around the world.

While some people also hire choreographers for their sangeet party. Families now hire Event Planners to plan their Sangeet ceremony for DJ, Venue, Theme, Invitations. Whether you hire an Event Planner or not the most important thing is to invite your Guest in style. So, for Sangeet Invitation Cards, people make use of Digital Invitations. Because they are Eco-Friendly & easy to send invites in one go without any hustle.

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