Wedding Invitation Ecard for Whatsapp are the best invites because it can be sent easy to all your contacts in one go & its affordable and looks classy at the same time.

Wedding invitations can not only be expensive but it can take up a part of your wedding budget that can be used for better things. While invitations can be fun to pick out, the printing costs these days means that its just not worth it. On top of that, most people will take one look at the invite and that’s that. Some might keep it as a memento but you are probably the only 2 people in the world who will have a strong emotional attachment to it.

Saving on traditional wedding invitations does not mean that you have to sacrifice your creativity or quality of your invites either. It simply means that you have to expand your horizons a little. So best way to do is go for Wedding Invitation Ecard.

Wedding Invitation Ecard for Whatsapp are definitely a new trend and something that is really cool. Its an electronic card that gets emailed, Whatsapp or can be shared via facebook or other social media platforms to all your guests.

We believe each occasion is special and should be made as memorable as possible, and what better way to do this than if the person receiving your e cards even if he or she is across the other side of the world.

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Still, want something unique, We also have Wedding Invitation GIF which are more popular now a days.