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A very beautiful fairy birthday invitation card with a magical garden with butterflies & fairies fluttering. A very pretty aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. This template has been made editable to Canva & gives you the ability to create absolutely stunning invite with your text. Sending an invitation has never been so easy and paperless! Send to your guests on Whatsapp or publish on Instagram, etc.

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    (Please note: Since this is a digital invitation video, the size & resolution is more suited for phone screens (1080px x 1920px) & not the standard printing paper size

     • 1080 px x 1920 px - Smartphone Invitation Size

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    • PDF, JPG, PNG - for sharing in static format

    • EDITABLE •
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    - You can customise the font size, color
    - You can replace the photo image/ video
    - You can replace the music
    - You can add/ remove/ rearrange the slides

    - The main base artwork, page orientation & template size
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Welcome to our magical realm of Fairy Birthday Invitation! Dive into a world where whimsy meets convenience with our enchanting digital template. Designed to whisk you away to a mystical garden filled with fluttering butterflies and playful fairies, this invitation promises to add a touch of fairy-tale charm to your celebration.

Indulge your senses with the stunning aesthetics of our fairy-themed design, meticulously crafted to be visually captivating and irresistibly charming. Every detail, from the delicate wings of the fairies to the vibrant hues of the garden blooms, is sure to delight the eye and spark joy in the hearts of your guests.

But beauty is just the beginning! Our editable template grants you the power to personalize your invitation effortlessly using Canva, a user-friendly online platform. With its intuitive interface, you can tailor the text to suit your event, ensuring a bespoke invitation that reflects your unique style and personality.

Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional paper invites and embrace the ease and eco-friendliness of digital invitations. With just a few clicks, you can send your enchanting creation directly to your guests via WhatsApp or share it with the world on Instagram, spreading the magic far and wide.

Please note that this is a Digital EDITABLE Template Download, meaning no physical product will be shipped. Gain instant access to your templates upon purchase and unleash your creativity with Canva—no software installation required. Simply sign up for a free Canva account at canva.com and let the magic begin!

Join us in celebrating life’s special moments with a touch of fairy-tale enchantment. With our Fairy Birthday Invitation, creating unforgettable memories has never been easier—or more magical!

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