Invite your guest with our Whatsapp Wedding Invitation. It is trendy, Classy & unique. Use it for Wedding, Engagement, Reception, Ring Ceremony, Gudh Dhana, Marriage for your Sister, Brother, Colleagues, Daughter, Son or Friend. You can get this invite in English, Hindi & Marathi. Best part of Whatsapp Invitation is you can use your Photoshoot Pictures.

Below are the Whatsapp Wedding Invitation Video You can customize it with different text, having a Photo or some different music according to your need. And send it via. Whatsapp, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram & all other social media platforms in just one click and invite your guest in style.

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It seems like lately everybody is looking for ways to make their wedding invitations stand out. If you want to invite your guests to your wedding in a meaningful and different way, try some of these invite ideas. There are plenty of online wedding templates, which you can customize

Why should you opt for WhatsApp Wedding Invitation Video for your big day?

Getting a Whatsapp Invitation done for your wedding is a creative & fun task to do. It is easy to share with your family, friends & guest in just one click. WhatsApp wedding Invitation Video is far better than the plain old printed invitations on online-invitation cards.

What should be the content for Whatsapp Wedding Invite?

Start with sentences like “Youre cordially invited to the…” “…family invites you”. Give correct time, date & venue for the wedding invitation before sending them out.

If you want something out of the box and extraordinary go for Video Invitations which have animation, Audio & other effects which gives a unique experience to your guest.

Imagine the possibility of inviting people to your wedding by sharing your unique fairytale story in such a way that it creates an excitement and anticipation among your guests like never before… Imagine the possibility of inviting people to our weddings in a way so that we can say more, see more and feel more…