NRC01 Navjote Ceremony Parsi Invitation Card Video


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NRC01 – Navjote Ceremony Invitation Card Form Video


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    DC01 – Dhoti Ceremony Invitation Form

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NRC01 Parsi Ceremony Navjote  Invitation Card Video – To order whatsapp +918879794909

The Navjote ceremony is the ritual through which a child is inducted into the Zoroastrian religion and begins to wear the sedreh and kushti. The term navjote is used primarily by the Zoroastrians of India (the Parsis), while sedreh pushi is used primarily by the Zoroastrians of Iran. The word ‘navjote’ is a Latinized form of the Parsi Gujarati compound of nav “new” and jote “reciter [of prayer]”, “invoker”, “sacrificer”. The second half of the word is—via Zoroastrian Middle Persian zot—an indirect continuation of Avestan zaotar, with /z/ eventually becoming /j/ because /z/ is not phonemic in Gujarati. The Persian term sedreh pushi translates to “Putting on the sedreh,” a reference to the main component of the ritual. #navjoteceremony #navjote #digitalinvitation #digitalinvitationvideos #videoinvitation #whatsappinvitation #invitationcard

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