The very first step of finding a partner starts from making a Marriage Biodata and where in the world with a variety of people with different nature & choices sometimes it gets very difficult to make a decision. That is the time when Marriage Biodata comes into the picture. And where at Happy Invites we provide designer and professional invites we thought to design creative Biodata to make your job much easier. You just need to select the design and enter your details rest designing & creative work is done by us. You use the design as it is or be more creative by using various icons (God’s Icon, Divider, Symbols e.t.c.), pictures, text info. and much more. Just use your laptop or computer to edit your Marriage Biodata to get the best results.



Here is a Marriage Biodata Format for both Girl & Boy:
1. Photo: The first thing anyone looks at in a biodata is definitely photography. This is the part where it is a make it or break it situation. Have a proper photo that is not just your face but more than that(if possible put a full photo at the end of your biodata)
2. Personal information: In personal info try to give about who you are like: – Name, Age, Height, Weight, Location, Education, Languages, Hobbies, and other information if any
3. Family Background (Both Father’s Side & Mother’s Side): This is the important part of your marriage biodata so make sure you fill in all the details properly. Things to mention: Father’s name & Occupation, Mother’s name & Occupation, Siblings & their occupation.
Additional Details: Maternal & Paternal family details
4. Expectations: This is the part where you need to clarify what you are actually expecting from your partner. Be very honest & if possible list it in bullet points.
5. About yourself: In this section try to include your looks appearance, Education, your profession, and everything possible to make it easier for the person to take some decisions.
6. Contact Details: Last but not least provide proper contact details & social media handles if you wish to. Provide more than 2 numbers of your family member.


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Marriage Biodata Format for Girl & Boy

A well written biodata with all the necessary information creates a good impact on your profile & gives a nice impression. Choose from our ready made templates & format that are designed to make your work easy.

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